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If you’re just getting into e-cigarettes, you may have a lot of questions. There’s tons of stores selling e-cigs these days, but there isn’t a lot of easy-to-understand information for new vapers. How is it possible that there are so many e-cigarette stores, yet nobody knows any vital information about what goes into the oil's, We here at Mix Vapors take pride in fully understanding exactly what goes into the products?

What Exactly Is An E-Cigarette & How Does It Work?

1) Battery

In most cases, a lithium-ion rechargeable battery is used in the e-cig. The battery provides electric power to the atomizer; this generates heat, which in turn produces vapor from the eLiquid. Their life depends on their size and they need to be charged regularly. Batteries come in cigarette size (510) to slightly larger (eGo) to huge (18650 type). There are variations, but these are the basic three. For a battery size most similar to an analog cigarette, a 510 is your best bet, but the short battery life of the 510 leads most vapers to switch to a larger battery very quickly. If you are serious about switching from analog to electronic cigarettes, it may be worth the slight inconvenience of a bigger battery for the convenience of an extended battery life, especially if you’re not sure how much you will be vaping.

2) e-Liquid

eLiquid comes in every flavor you could imagine, and every flavor in turn comes in several strengths. Nicotine concentrations are listed as a number; for example, 18mg means 18 milligrams of nicotine by volume. 18mg is roughly equivalent to the amount of nicotine in a standard analog cigarette. There are several options for what nicotine levels in your eLiquid; it’s recommended to try several to find the right one for you based on your current smoking habits.

What is the smoke made of?

eLiquid needs only two components to produce ‘smoke’: Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin. These are both used in the food industry and are both FDA approved. Nicotine and flavoring the only other ingredients in eLiquid. Flavorings can vary from tobacco flavors to coffee flavors to fruity/sweet flavors. Come into our Mix Vapes store and try several flavors until you find one (or a few) you like. Inhaling Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol in addition to flavorings and nicotine is not 100% safe; what it is is a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and the thousands of toxic chemicals in them.

 3) Vaporizer (cartomizer/clearomizer/tank)

In the beginning (2003-2004) most e-cigarettes used an atomizer/cartridge. Today’s technology has the electronic cigarette industry using primarily atomizers, so we’ll tell you how those work. The cartomizer is made of a plastic and metal combination and composes three things- the mouth end of the e-cig, the liquid storage area, and the vaporizer/atomizer. When the vaporizer is screwed onto the battery and the battery button is pushed, an electrical charge is sent to the cartomizer. This heats up a "coil", which produces vapor by burning the liquid inside the cartomizer e-liquid storage area. This is the vapor you inhale and exhale when you press the button of an e-cigarette.

There are literally hundreds of choices for cartomizers out there but do not let that overwhelm you, at it's core all cartomizers are the same. There are differences in “ohms” and wattage ratings and threading (the size of the screw on connector) but they all work on the same principle but for now just know you need one. We will cover the details later.

How It All Works Together

 You simply "smoke" it like you would an analog cigarette; the only difference is that you press a small button each time. When you press the button and inhale, the battery sends a current to heat up the atomizer, which in turn vaporizes the eLiquid stored in the cartridge. The vapor is pulled up through the cartomizer tip into the vaper’s mouth and lungs.

 Battery safety

Caring for your e-cig battery is so very important and can’t be overlooked. Usually, e-cigarette batteries are made in China. Therefore, it’s very important that you follow a few simple safety tips to ensure long life of your battery as well as your own safety.

1. Do not leave your battery unattended.

DO NOT leave batteries charging in your home while you’re not there or while you’re asleep. Unfortunately, battery failure is usually dramatic, resulting in venting liquid and heat. Leaving your e-cigarette battery charging unattended is the equivalent to leaving your oven on when you’re not home, this is VERY BAD IDEA.

2. Check batteries regularly for signs of leakage.

Whether it is a mod or sealed battery, check for anything that looks like it doesn’t belong, every time you charge the battery. Check for torn seals & discoloration on the coatings and the ends of the battery.

3. Store batteries in a cool, dry place and keep out of direct sunlight.

5. Check your charging cables regularly.

7. Keep battery problems in check.

If your battery button sticks, or if your battery is behaving differently in any way, don’t use it. Batteries are fairly inexpensive, and are not worth the risk of anything happening.


Nicotine Content

24mg eLiquid means 24mg per ml.
1 analog cigarette = about 1mg nicotine absorbed.
1 pack of analog cigarettes is roughly equivalent to 3ml of 24mg juice

We are an e-Cigarette and Vape Lounge in Pacific Beach right off of Garnet Ave. Come in and sit at our Vape Bar and test out some of our locally made flavors for free!

Our staff is eager to teach you how to use electronic cigarettes. Providing friendly, personalized customer service is our main goal. Whether you are hearing about e-cigs for the first time, or just looking to upgrade your device, come in and let our friendly staff assist you.

We have everything for new users who are looking to quit smoking or those looking to substitute the occasional cigarette or hookah session with a healthier, tastier alternative. We know our e-cigs, and we know our oil's, and want to help you enjoy them as much as we do!

  • So the simple definition of an e-cigarette: a vaporizer filled with vaporizable fluids, attached to a battery. 

  • There are varying levels of nicotine, so you can wean off entirely if you choose to.

  • The e-cigarette was invented by a Chinese Pharmacist named Hon Lik and introduced into the market in 2003. 

  • The basic idea of the e-cig has remained the same since then, but many enhancements have been made.

  • There is no carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, or any of the other carcinogenic toxins found in analog cigarette smoke.
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